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Summer Camp 2023

Imagine a summer camp in an awesome environment, with great teachers, fun activities, in-house field trips, and you get to learn your favorite songs and dances.  The Joyful Sounds School of Music is located in Downtown Steele Creek in the Town of Ayrsley.  This environment is really nice and has lots of walkable amenities.  We are going to have an awesome time learning, making friends, building community, and being enriched in music and arts.

We’ve got you covered for summer camp.  With our awesome Piano and Guitar Camp and our new and exciting Camp Michael and Whitney, students will learn the piano and guitar while getting the opportunity to explore the music and moves of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.  We also have added camp Encanto where students will be learning and exploring the songs and culture of Colombia. To add, Camp Taylor and Justin will allow students to learn the music, lyrics, and moves of Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake.
We have awesome Piano, Guitar, and Dance instructors that will show students how to play and dance to their favorite songs in the Piano and Guitar Camps.  Summer Camp will be a joy with our awesome showcases and recitals on Fridays. In addition, we will have our celebrations on Fridays.

Camp Hours
Camp will run from 8:15am - 3:45pm
Arrival Time - 7:45am - 8:15am
Pick up Time - 3:15pm - 3:45pm

Coupon Code for multiple weeks
Camp Joy
Call 980-226-7909 about our 10% sibling discount

We are maintaining a safe and clean environment and continue to do the following 
Hand Washing
Sanitizing and Cleaning


Summer Camp


Piano and Guitar Summer Camp - Part Piano Part Guitar All Fun
Ages 5 & Up


Camp Michael and Whitney
Piano and Guitar
Exploring the music and dance of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston
Dance, Piano, Guitar, Singing and exploring the music and moves of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston
Ages 5 & Up


Camp Encanto - Dance, Move, and Sing to the Songs of Encanto

Dance, Piano, Guitar, Singing and exploring the music and moves of Encanto
Ages 5 & Up

31-Aug 4

Camp Taylor and Justin
Piano and Guitar
Exploring the music and dance of Taylor Swift and  Justin Timberlake

Dance, Piano, Guitar, Singing and exploring the music and moves of Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake
Ages 5 & Up

Lunch and Disney +


During lunch, the students will be able to choose movies to watch and enjoy everyday.  We will also watch movies related to the theme for Summer Camp. The students also get to enjoy popcorn while watching movies.

Daily Walks

We will be taking daily walks through the beautiful town of Ayrsley

In House Field Trips

Strings, Steele Drums

Dance, Singing




Presentations from Teachers and Artist

Lunch Options
1. Bring your own lunch

2. Order Out
We will be ordering from various restaurants near our school.  Use the lunch order form to choose what you would like for lunch. Please submit an order for each day that your child will be ordering lunch with us.
$7 per day
$35 for the week

Monday - Chipotle
Tuesday - Mcdonald's
Wednesday - Chic-fil-A
Thursday - Jim ’N Nick’s
Friday - Domino's Pizza

You may pay using the links below or you can pay daily during arrival and dismissal
$7 per day if you are paying daily

Use this form to let us know what you would like to order for lunch

This will help to ensure that we are able to get the food orders correct and that the food is ordered and delivered on time

Summer Camp T-Shirt - Optional

  • Do You Offer Sibling Discounts?
    Yes! Each additional sibling enrolled will receive a 10% discount on lessons. The enrollment fee is $15 per student
  • How often should students practice?
    Students and parents will be made aware of any practice expectations by the instructor.
  • How much does a good Piano Keyboard cost for beginning students?
    A standard Piano Keyboard for beginning students starts at about $199.00. The price can go up from there depending on additional features and size. Please ask us for help on choosing the perfect Piano Keyboard.
  • How does summer camp work?
    Summer Camp will be offered various throughout the summer. Please click on the summer camp page to get more information about Summer Camp. Each camp will be an exiting and theme based to give students the opportunity to learn various songs and activities.
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