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Joyful Sounds Fall Recital 2021

Sunday December 5, 2021

Recital Update
We have a total of 49 students that will be participating in the Fall Recital. To ensure that all families are able to attend and invite guests, we are going to have two recitals. Your child will be in Group A or Group B.

Group A
Arrival Time
Start Time


Group B
Arrival Time
Start Time
We will let you know what group your child is in for the recital.


Fall Recital
Tate Hall

The recital will be held at Tate Hall

1206 Elizabeth Ave

Charlotte, NC 28204

Tate Hall


Attire For The Recital

Piano recital dress codes can vary by musical style, venue, and level of formality, so you should always confirm details with event coordinators. There is, however, a universal norm to fall back on if you’re unsure what to wear to your performance:


Attire for Boys

Wear a dressy but comfortable shirt. Find out ahead of time if your event requires a formal jacket or tie.

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 3.28.07 PM.png

Attire for Girls

Regarding piano recital dress code for female performers, a formal blouse or button-down are safe choices while plunging necklines, low cutbacks, and spaghetti straps are unsuitable.

Register for the Recital

The recital registration fee is $25 per student and $40 per family

If you have 1 student participating in the recital - $25
If you have multiple students participating in the recital - $40

Please call 980-226-7909 if you have questions about the recital


Directions and Parking

Tate Hall

1206 Elizabeth Ave

Charlotte, NC 28204

Tate Hall is located inside of the Overcash building at CPCC

Enter CPCC Parking Deck 3 on Charlottetowne Ave or 4th Street

CPCC Parking Deck 4 can also be used and is accessed from 4th Street
The Overcash building is located between Elizabeth Ave, North Kings Drive, 4th Street, and Charlottetowne Ave
Once you park in the parking deck, walk up Elizabeth Ave to enter the front of the Overcash building.
Tate Hall is located on the 2nd floor of the Overcash building


Screen Shot 2021-12-05 at 12.24.03 AM.png