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At the Joyful Sounds School of Music and Arts our goal is to help all of our students reach their full potential in an awesome and fun learning environment.  Our culture is to place our students with extraordinary teachers and staff to maximize their potential and the learning experience.  We offer music education to students from ages 4 - adults.  Our classes include piano, guitar, voice, violin, percussion instruments, and dance.

Joyful Sounds School of Music and Arts is a Music School that was birthed in the mid 90's when our founder David Burgest began playing the piano and gaining a love for the joy of music.  With these years of dedication to the piano and music, Joyful Sounds offers years of experience in music and education.  David has spent over 20 years as a musician and educator.  With a National Board Certification in Teaching, A Master Of Arts in Teaching Degree from National University, and a Bachelor Of Business Administration Degree from Georgia Southern University, David has dedicated his life to music and helping others discover the joy and rewards that come from being a musician.

At the Joyful Sounds School of Music and Arts our teachers are passionate musicians and artist with lots of experience as professionals.  Our goal is to transfer this knowledge and experience to our students along with a fun and exciting music curriculum from companies like Faber and other great and proven music curriculums.  We are teachers and educators who enjoy music and are committed to our students success. 



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